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Floor Care

Contact Us for Hardwood Flooring BaltimoreNow that you have some of the most beautiful hardwood flooring in Baltimore, how do you maintain it? Here are our 5 tips to keep your flooring looking like new.

Floor Care for Hardwood Flooring, Baltimore

Tip #1 – First Week
Make sure to wait 3 days after your floor is installed before replacing the rugs. As you replace the furniture, use proper floor protectors such as felt pads on all legs to avoid scratches or scuffs.

Tip #2 – Avoid Dirt First
Dirt and sands will leave scuffs on the floor and dull the finish over time. We recommend placing mats at each doorway and entrance to catch the dirt before it makes it onto your wood flooring. Most people don’t know that rubber-backed mats can hurt wood. So make sure to use floor mats and rugs made for hardwood. Vacuum or sweep floor regularly.

Use area rugs on high traffic pathways and pivot areas, at ends of steps, near doorways, etc. All rugs should allow floors to breathe. Avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs. When rugs are impractical, periodically check for wear.

Tip #3 – Cleaning the Right Way
There are several ways to clean your hardwood floors and at Amazonia Floors, we want you to know the right way. Use a high quality broom that has fine, expanded bristles that will capture dirt, but still be gentle on your flooring. If you are using vacuum cleaner, get one without a beater bar to get in-between the boards. A vacuum that has bare floor attachments is the best way to ensure a first-rate clean.

When dusting, use a terrycloth or terrycloth mop. Often cleaning the boards, corners and baseboards can ensure all dust is picked up. You can spray professional neutral pH cleaners made for hardwood floors on the mop head, 12 to 24 hours, before cleaning.

Remove spills promptly! Use a soft cloth and Hardwood Floor Cleaner to clean wet spills. To clean dry spills use a vacuum or broom.

Tip #4 – Avoid Cleaning Products That Dull the Finish
It’s important to never use a urethane finish wax, ammonia cleaners or oil soaps on wood flooring because it will dull the finish and damage the boards. Also, never wet mop a wood floor. Excessive amounts of water can cause your wood floor to swell and cup. A damp towel or sponge is fine to use for small spots, but even a small puddle of water can expand the wood, so make sure if something spills to clean it right away. Do not use wax, oil soap, or other industrial or household cleaners on your polyurethane finished wood floor. The use of these products can adversely effect the appearance of the finish and make refinishing difficult. Overall, professional wood floor product is recommended.

Tip #5 – Protect Against Scratches and Cracks
A good way to keep your floor from getting scraped or dinged is prevention. Put flannel protectors at the bottom of table legs, desks, and furniture that come in contact with your flooring. Also, never drag furniture on wood flooring. It’s best to lift furniture before moving it.

Maintain the relative humidity between 40% and 55% because excessive humidity can cause wood fibers to swell, creating cracks in the finish.

The greatest way to keep your floors from being replaced is to maintain it properly. Feel free to contact Amazonia Floors with any questions on how to keep your wood floors as beautiful as the day we installed it.