Floor refinishing Baltimore area; new flooring installed.

Why Amazonia Floors

Get Floors Finished to Amaze
We do hardwood floor refinishing in Baltimore and nearby, and we are experts in wood floor installation and repairs.

Get top-quality wood, professional installation, and satin-smooth sanding and finishing at down-to-earth prices.

A family-friendly business

Baltimore parquet floor refinishing

Amazonia Floors is owned and operated by Sebastian Souza who brings 10 years of professional experience creating elegant hardwood floors. What he likes about working around Baltimore is “to bring old floors that sometimes don’t even look like hardwood back to life, clean and shining.”

New Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor refinishing in Baltimore

Make a great first impression on your family, friends and clients with our professionally installed and finished wood floors.

Our our fine wood stains and smooth sanding gives you an elegant inviting new floor.

We do exotic woods, inlays, dark stains, light stains, and custom stains at affordable prices.

We answer all your questions about getting a beautiful new wood floor in the Baltimore area: Contact us for complete details.

Refinished Hardwood Floors

Hardwood refinishing, stairs, Baltimore MD

Say goodbye to scratches, paint, and stains on your old floors.  You’ll be amazed at how fresh and new even antique floors look when refinished.

To make sure your refinished floors look their best — we finish stairs, landings and bannisters with the same high quality wood stain and smooth finish.

Contact us for hardwood floor refinishing in Baltimore and nearby areas.


Need to replace boards in your old floor, or join a new addition to your existing floor? We’re experts at making new materials match old for a uniform finish you’ll be proud of.

We’re not happy until we’ve exceeded your expectations.

We’ve built a strong reputation by word of mouth due to customer care being our focus. At Amazonia Floors we provide cleaning crew services at the end of every refinishing job. We also provide insurance up to a million dollars to guarantee that every house and office is protected.

Why Amazonia? We are dedicated to supplying the best product and service for you.

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